Revolut Legal First Name

Your question contains a reference to Ireland, which has its own legal subreddit. You can also send your question to r/LegalAdviceIreland, although this may not be necessary. In the letter to the, I asked them if it was possible to change my username. They`ve hinted pretty harshly ( that they don`t like people closing and opening accounts, so I`m afraid that will cause a lot of misunderstandings and verification issues. I raised this issue with their support and asked them to change the username in May 2020, which they couldn`t. The username is displayed prominently in the app, which is quite painful for me, many trans people have painful associations with their old name. Vijay D`Silva, McKinsey: In the summer of 2021, Revolut became the UK`s most valuable fintech when its latest round of funding yielded a valuation of $33 billion. Revolut was founded in 2015 and was initially known for offering free currency exchange services to consumers. But it now offers a growing range of products, including payment cards, cryptocurrencies, stock trading, and travel services.

The company expects to soon become a full-fledged neobank and has banking license applications pending in the UK, US and Australia. My guest is Mikko Salovaara, CFO of Revolut, who joined us from his home in London. Mikko himself has an interesting background, which we will talk about later. But first I asked Mikko to talk about how Revolut has weathered the pandemic and how it has made progress in building a payments-based ecosystem. Hi, yes, I see this username review in the app that the feature will be available soon. Unfortunately, it`s been like that since May, when they started posting usernames. They were invisible in the app before when I logged in. It doesn`t help right away legally, but in terms of another lever against them, you might point out that once a person has a gender recognition certificate, they are exposed to potential criminal liability under section 22 of the Gender Recognition Act 2004. What you/Miraclefish say about this information, which is pretty deeply embedded in computer systems, is correct, this particular section is one of the sticks available to make sure companies respond to it.

Please note that the fact that I can hide the username from other Revolut customers using the privacy features is irrelevant. The username is my personal data and is processed by Revolut. The username is also prominently displayed in the Revolut app next to my name. I`m trans and opened a Revolut account before changing my name. The problem is that Revolut started discovering automatically generated usernames in user-to-user transactions, Revolut friends, payment links, etc. last year. Essentially in all social areas. The username is based on the first name when creating the account. So if my name was “John Doe” and now “Jane Doe”, my Revolut username is “johnxx123”. This is bad because Note: You can customize your Revtag, however, each Revtag Revolut must be unique, so if you use your Name + Name combination, sometimes it won`t be available.

Hey! To avoid difficulties related to successful payments, we recommend that you provide the correct cardholder name when paying online. Let us know if you need further assistance. The teams are quite fungible. It doesn`t really depend on geography, except for the commercial base team. In fact, with the exception of two groups of teams. Local sales teams – people directly related to executing marketing or growth for a particular region – will obviously be in that region. The same goes for all positions required by regulators – people you might expect from finance, legal, or risk. They will be sitting in the area where they are. But product development, by and large, can happen anywhere for us, which is a great thing. This reveals my old name and gender to other Revolut users, and it`s easy to guess I`m trans.

Revolut is a mobile-first bank that allows you to manage your money quickly and easily. Money can be transferred online, securely, reliably and quickly, directly to mobile phones, bank accounts or at home. A friend of mine with the same issue wrote to his DP team and the response was that they don`t believe there is a GDPR breach because these social features can be disabled. However, it doesn`t help that the username appears prominently next to my name in the app. Real support is crazy. I already signed up with my real name, but I love you contacted via reddit. Customer service 10/10. Update for anyone who may experience a similar issue. I spoke to and they confirmed that it was okay to close my account and then open a new one.

The new account has a new user name. They also said that there is a difference between reopening a cancelled account and opening a new one. I didn`t quite understand how to reopen a cancelled account and what the difference was here, but it worked. I have a new account with a real username. Thank you to everyone who recommended me to reopen the account. The automated verification system also misunderstood my name. First middle instead of first last. And there is no support. Now that I`ve given them ALL my personal information, they`re free to sell it to the highest bidder.

Tell me I`m wrong. Support person here everywhere?? Please only comment if you are able to provide legal advice. Uber was similar to Revolut with auto-generated usernames, but it was easy to recreate an account. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Revolut, for example see Reopening a bank account is a big deal. Vijay D`Silva: One of Revolut`s main strengths is being able to develop products quickly, which we`ll talk about later. But with this kind of capability and dozens of options available, the first question is: how does Revolut prioritize which products to create and which to move? If you use a different name than the cardholder for the service you sign up for, the service might see this as a potential scam and ask you why you are using a card that does not belong to you, and for registrations confirming that the card belongs to you, or simply cancel, in your example, Netflix, Account as a fraud prevention issue.