Requirements for Qce

Taking 1 or more subject exams on the higher external exam can help you achieve the results needed to obtain a CQE, meet the requirements of tertiary studies, or improve your career prospects. The requirements for QCE are different from those for entry into higher education. A QCE does not give you an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), a national rank used only for tertiary admission. You can get a credit transfer if you change schools in Grade 11 or 12 – your previous studies at a school in Queensland, Interstate or overseas may count towards your EQQ. You may also be eligible for a relaxation of the basic requirements met. General subjects prepare students for university, further education, study and work and include subjects such as English, general mathematics, ancient history and biology. These subjects contribute to an ATAR and may need to be studied to gain access to certain university courses. Use the QTAC course finder to learn more about the professional requirements of different courses. The remaining 8 credits can come from a combination of basic, preparatory, enrichment or advanced courses, with preparatory studies contributing a maximum of 6 credits. Students must also meet QCE`s reading and numeracy requirements. Learn more about remittances and relaxing basic requirements.

To earn a CQE, you must complete at least 20 credits of a combination of courses, including: Read the full application process for mature students. If you need a copy of your EQQ, you can request one from the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA). You will need to complete the application form, provide proof of identity and pay the required fee. Certificates will be sent to you or can be retrieved within 7 days of receipt of your request by the QCAA. If your teen isn`t quite getting the points they need, talk to the school about what they can do. You may be able to take additional classes outside of school or return early next year to complete the credits you need. Help your child succeed by being by their side and celebrating small victories. Your learning account is usually opened in Grade 10 and you will be assigned a LUI (Learner Unique Identifier) at that time. You can continue to work towards your QCE for up to seven years after completing Grade 12. If you want to add something to your learning account after this period, you will need to contact QCAA directly to add these points. Applied subjects focus on practical skills and prepare for further study, training and career.

Subjects include English Essential, Business Studies, Industrial Technology Skills and Tourism. Short courses are suitable for students who are interested in vocational training or work paths when they leave school. Examples include short courses on reading, writing, arithmetic, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. These courses allow students to study a specific area of interest through recognized certificates and awards or academic subjects studied during class hours. Any questions about your own situation should be directed to the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA). Learn more about important dates, registrations and adult learning opportunities for the external senior examination. Conditions apply if you wish to enrol as a mature student, including: Day and evening classes for adult students are offered at 4 Queensland Secondary Education Centres. Terms and conditions apply (see Back to High School below for details). Contact your preferred training center directly to learn more about the courses.

QCE offers flexibility in what is learned, as well as where and when learning takes place. A QCE can help graduates improve their career prospects. Students with learning disabilities or difficulties that are not due to socio-economic, cultural or linguistic factors may be eligible for the Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement. The certificate is official proof of completion of at least 12 years of training and gives a summary of skills and knowledge. See Equivalence of Graduation Qualifications Outside Queensland to apply for this service. Obtaining a QCE is a great achievement that recognizes the learning outcomes of young people. With 96.5% of Queensland students earning a QCE, or Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement, in 2019, many employers expect young people to have a QCE. A QCE may also be required to access certain vocational training courses.

If you have obtained a qualification from an interstate or foreign primary or secondary school, you can find the equivalent of Queensland. At least 1 credit must come from basic education completed upon enrolment in a Queensland school. When you and your teen talk about their future, let them know that going to school can sometimes seem difficult, but sticking to it and working towards a QCE will help them get a good start after school.