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In the guardianship of a person, the guardian has the same responsibility to take care of the child as his parents. This means that the guardian has full legal and physical custody of the child and can make all the decisions the parent has made regarding the child`s physical care. A guardian can be anyone: parents, family friends, or other appropriate people raising the child can apply to be legal guardians. I need legal help, my granddaughter is drugged and I want a court order for me to take care of her guardianship I want to sign papers for her because she is disabled drugs damage her brain how can I do this well, I need help to apply for my uncle`s legal guardianship and thus temporarily remove him from the nursing home, In which he is since my aunt, his sister and current guardian is against and we do not reach an agreement. Where it`s infected and I think I`d be safer with myself while all this happens. Acknowledgements and greetings Being a guardian of an elderly person is a set of duties whose ultimate goal is to ensure the well-being and safety of the room. For this it is important to meet all their basic needs such as housing, food, health. The most frequent cases of legal guardianship are minors who are not emancipated and who are not under the parental authority of their parents by court decision. This category also©includes minors in a situation of impotence. Despite this hierarchy prescribed by law, judicial authorities may change this order of priority and grant guardianship to another person on the basis of the Civil Code, which stipulates that those who: If you wish to become a guardian, you must read the book of guardianship of the child (form GC-205) (in Spanish) must NOT be a legal guardian of an elderly person.

And for information on the guardianship application process, read the forms you must ask the court to appoint a person`s guardian (Form GC-505). The order described is also the one provided for by the Civil Code, which must have priority. However, whenever certain circumstances make it necessary or desirable, the judge may modify it and grant tutorship to any person he considers appropriate. That is, he may legally be the guardian of the disabled person`s spouse, but the judge may find that he is not the most appropriate person and grant guardianship to a brother or sister. Hi good day let`s see, my girlfriend is titled by fasat Principado Asturias is 35 years old and is in a center do and lasts 2 years and I can not get the house brought I would like to know how to seal the tutor or what to do so that I can go out on weekends and go home, because in fact we want to make a couple I am a retiree I am 46 years old and what it could all cost Thank you for everything Greetings Have a nice day If you are appointed guardian of the estate, you must also keep in touch with the court. Click here to learn more about what an executor does. The guardian is also responsible for the supervision of the minor and may be held liable for intentional harm caused by the minor. To be the legal guardian of an elderly person, the judge must first declare the person incapable. According to the Civil Code, the causes of disability are physical or mental deficiencies that prevent the person from defending himself and his interests and interests and from exercising his social rights and duties responsibly. As soon as a person is declared unfit for work, the judge decides who will be his legal guardian.

To do this, it will mainly follow what the person decided, if he was looking to the future and left in writing who he appointed for this position. If the municipality has not appointed anyone, it will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code in the order and nature of the personal relations of the municipality. In all cases, and even if the judge is responsible for appointing the guardian, he or she must accept his or her position. NOTE: Obtain at least 1 certified copy of letters of guardianship from the court clerk for each person or organization that will have regular contact with the child. For example, if you and your spouse are appointed guardians of the minor, each of you should have a certified copy of the letters of guardianship in your purse or wallet at all times. If the child goes to school, the school should also have a certified copy of the letters. This way, if the child`s parents try to remove the child from school, the guardian or school can show the police that the court has appointed the child as guardian. If the judge agrees that you are the guardian: Guardianship of a minor may also©end if the minor is adopted. Finally, guardianship expires in the event of the death of the legal guardian or ward. Guardianship applies not only to ensure the protection of minors, but also in other situations.