Provision Definition Francais

• This [letter] is a bit of determination; for I will not write to you until to-morrow; but I would like to write to you now what I have just learned (SEV. February 12, 1671) • You know that, thank God, the spirit does not have much provision (MOL. Vierb. II, 7) The determination in form is that which the Pope grants to the applicant, provided that he is deemed capable by the bishop of the diocese in which the benefit is located, to whom he transmits it for examination by him. They are called in formâ dignum because the old formula of these provisions begins with these words: dignum arbitramur & congruunt ut illis se reddat sedes apostolica, gratiosam quibus, &c. Such provisions are providential mandates rather than perfect dispositions, for if the applicant is deemed unworthy or incompetent by the bishop or his vicar, they may refuse him, regardless of these provisions of the tribunal of Rome. If the provisions apply to foods, they are preferred over all other claims. See Papon, l. XVIII. 1. Activity of delivery of products, goods. [Subject] Provisional enforcement is also carried out, because when it is said that the disposition belongs to the title, that is, between two contents, what is founded in the title must be provisionally maintained, unless something else is finally judged if the title is challenged. They are called provisions of the Ordinary to distinguish them from the provisions of the Court of Rome granted by the Pope.

The regulations of the Ordinariate, although they were published after the six months available to it, are good and valid. For example, a widow who pleads for her dowry may receive a pension. Deposit, feed, allocation, battery, delivery, deposit, value, advance, baggage, loot, cargo, depot, cargo, cover, deposit, dose, snack, delivery, warranty, food, provisions, quantity, supply, delivery, reserve, meeting, storage, supplies, supplies, supplies, viaticum In order to obtain provisions from the court of Rome, it is necessary to contact an expeditionary banker, who must record the date of the powers, concordats and other documents in its register. with the names of notaries & witnesses to deliver the extract in case of obligation. If, however, of two provisions of the same day, one has been given by the bishop and the other by his vicar, that of the bishop prevails. •Hey! by provision, my father, lie down (RAC. Plaid. I, (4) According to international standards, it is necessary to inform third parties of the nature of the provisions in the accounts. For the sake of completeness, it is therefore necessary to separate from the balance sheet in the notes on the accounts: a woman who invokes separation may claim an advance on her husband`s property, part which has been seized from the property actually seized; An injured person also gets it on a surgical report, for food and medicine, but we cannot grant it to both parties.