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Nic is a qualified lawyer with over 15 years of experience in private practice and in the industry. During his career, he has held legal and commercial positions at Halliwell Landau, Eversheds and Dalkia Energy & Technical Services. This perceived obstacle has arisen because lawyers have traditionally charged an hourly rate for their work: they are paid regardless of success. In England and Wales, it is also common for the loser to pay the winning party`s (reasonable) legal fees after a case has closed. We handle a wide range of legal cases, including assistance with lawyers specializing in counterfeiting, lawyers specializing in professional negligence, fraud, banking disputes, and can even help you if you are suing a lawyer or seeking commercial dispute resolution. The founding principle of Annecto Legal is that limited finances should never prevent you from pursuing a valid case – funding for commercial disputes should always be sought. Alternative financing of commercial disputes is about finding the best way to manage the financial risks of litigation. Annecto Legal helps you finance commercial litigation and ATE insurance with access to more than 20 specialized providers. If you don`t have a legal team on board, we can also help you find the right representation to give your case the best chance of success. Mark is a member of the Executive Committee of the Commercial Litigation Association (CLAN), the country`s only national group dedicated to promoting community interests in commercial disputes. CLAN organizes training seminars, conferences and organizes research and advocacy for reforms of the legal system.

Learn about the different options available to people who are taking legal action. Making litigation economically viable with legal, financial and insurance instruments to reduce the risk of commercial litigation Through our network of more than 20 third-party commercial litigation lenders and post-event legal protection (ATE) insurers, Annecto Legal provides a valuable and user-friendly service to companies with disputes. Our professional and experienced brokers can manage the entire financing process, take the risk of your litigation and get the best possible business for your business. With a degree in economics with 15 years of experience in business development and education, Mark leads the sharpening of Annecto`s profile in the business world. Previously, he held the positions of Head of Market Relations at Rarringi & Rosso Group and Head of Insurer Relations at one of the UK`s four leading personal line intermediaries (owner of Compare the Market). Phil currently runs and runs a successful insurance consulting firm that introduces new products to the insurance market and provides solutions to renowned corporate partners such as Honda, Fulham FC, Fiat/Alfa Romeo and Experian. David began his career at Lloyds of London as a financial online broker before joining the Institute of Insurance Brokers and Managing General Agent to lead the product development and research programme. After 10 years, David co-founded a niche liability insurance agency, which was later sold to Liberty Mutual. Based on his professional experience, he has been Managing Director of Hanover Park Commercial, Erinaceous Insurance Services and FARR Insurance, in addition to being Director of Acquisitions and Markets for Barbon Insurance and, most recently, founder of Brindley Risk Consultancy Limited; Focus on property insurance, especially in the field of ground leasing. Many companies miss opportunities to resolve disputes because they think prosecuting is too costly. Annecto Legal was founded to help businesses pursue claims and remove any perceived cost barriers to litigation.

A claim for financial damages can be considered an asset. It is possible to realize the value of this asset through alternative financing methods, third-party legal financing and litigation insurance. By removing all the risks from your balance sheet, you can get back what you are entitled to without risking even more of your own money. With Annecto Legal, clients can do justice and receive the compensation they deserve, knowing that the financial risk to their business is as low as possible.