The Battery Maintenance Plan is available in 1-3 year agreements, with a choice of 1, 2 or 4 preventative maintenance (PM) visits per year. Guaranteed 24/7/365 emergency response within 30 minutes over the phone and 4 or 8 hour on-site. Request a Quote.


Each PM will consist of the following actions listed below.

Battery PM:
The following battery maintenance tasks are to be performed, as they apply, if accessible:

  • Visual inspection of batteries, cabinets and environment
  • Measure and record all individual batteries float voltage and current (100%) using a calibrated, accurate (.0.25%) digital voltmeter with a minimum two (2) decimal place referenced right-handed digits capability
  • Measure and record 100% of all battery impedance
  • Measure and record full string charging voltage and current
  • Measure and record the AC ripple voltage and current
  • Measure and record the voltage to ground for each string/cabinet
  • Measure and record conductance of each jar
  • Review battery status and integrity and supply written report of status of batteries
  • Clean oxidation on any posts
  • Check and retorque loose connections
  • Inspect connection terminal, connections, cables and associated hardware
  • Record ambient room temperature
  • Check all batteries for leakage
  • Clean all normal dust and accumulation


  • Verify that there is adequate cooling for the UPS/batteries
  • Record the room temperature, ensure temp
  • Verify that the general area around the UPS/batteries is clean
  • Verify adequate service space around UPS/batteries and exit ways